Takeaway meals and drinks

All our meals, dishes and pastries can also be bought as takeaway versions.

We have several takeaway options available: meals from local food, traditional grilled meals (French fries, meat pies, kebab meals, sausages...), stuffed sandwiches, vegetable pies and homemade pastries.

You can also buy fresh drinks like lemonade (some of them are organic local food), juices, vitamin waters, beers, ciders and so on.

We prepare all meals and most of the pastries in our kitchen, so you have to be ready to wait a minute after you make an order. However, at the same time you can be sure that you will get fresh and local food from our restaurant!



If you can only make a quick stop and you don't have time to wait, you can call our customer service beforehand and pick up your meal at a specific time.

Mobile: +358 400 754 835

6 AM

The first takeaway delights like buns and pies go into the oven

2,20 €

The price for takeaway coffee

Up to 90 %

A percentage of our food, which is originally from Finland


The number of ice cream flavours in our restaurant

40 km

A trip that our chiliburger steak will make from the local farm to our restaurant

Up to 10

A selection of homemade pastries in our restaurant

90 sec.

The fastest time we can serve your takeaway dishes

21/23 PM

The kitchen closes; the last takeaway orders of the day are leaving

Burger and sweet potato fries
Picnic in Tommolansalmi