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Restaurant Tommolansalmi’s website

Created: 15.5.2018
Last updated: 23.5.2018

This Privacy Policy has been prepared in accordance with the Personal Data Act (10 § and 24 §) and the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and applies to the restaurant's website.

This Privacy Policy tells you what kind of information we collect from you when you visit on our website at and for what purpose the information is used.

By visiting our website, you agree to the processing of your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.



Lomakeskus Tommolansalmi Oy / Tommolansalmi Holiday Centre
Business ID: 03003960
Kouvolantie 2216
52700 Mäntyharju
Phone number: +358 400 754 835
E-mail: info [at]


Contact person

The person responsible for the information and records related to this website is:

Eeva Leskinen
Phone number: +358 400 754 835
E-mail: info [at]


Name of the register

The personal data register of the Tommolansalmi Holiday Centre’s website


Purpose of processing personal data

We collect and process the personal information of our visitors on our website for the following purposes:
- Marketing and communications related to products and services
- Development of products and services
- Analysing traffic and statistics on our website
- Investigating attacks on our web site
- Protecting the rights associated with this site


Criteria for collecting and processing data

We collect information so that we can develop our business, our products and services and our website.


Data content of the register

The statistics on our website include information about the device or connection you use. These include for example:
- IP address
- the date and time of your visit
- the browser you are using
- your operating system
- visited pages and time spent
- from which web site traffic comes from

The information listed above can identify the user's computer, but not the user himself. Therefore, the register created by them is not a personal data register as referred in GDPR.

We store our statistics on summaries of all visitors, and our web site statistics do not show individual users' activity on our site. We also do not associate your IP address with the other data we collect. We do not store IP addresses or individual visitor data for the use of Tommolansalmi. We will not store information that an individual can identify.


Storage time

IP addresses as well as other statistics from visitors will be kept for the time period specified by the web host and the statistical tool that we use. Tommolansalmi can not influence IP address retention time. The web hosting provider determines the IP address retention time.


Regular sources of information

Information is acquired via our web site using the existing statistical service. So far, we do not use Google Analytics as well as other services that collect detailed visitor information.


Disclosing of information

We can disclose information to marketing agencies to analyze and develop our website and marketing. The transfer of information is subject to a contract and the contract is made in accordance with Personal Data Act and GDPR regulation.

We will not disclose data elsewhere.

In exceptional cases, we can disclose information to the authorities in accordance with current legislation.

Transfer of data outside the EU or EEA

We do not transfer data outside the EU or EEA.

The server used by our web site is located in Finland. The service provider is Louhi Net Oy. Louhi Net Oy may transfer data outside the EU or EEA.

For more information on the Privacy Policy of Louhi Net Oy, please read:


Use of cookies

We do not currently use cookies on our website.


Social media

Our sites may contain links to social media or content served by social media providers. If you have an account in a social media provider, they may be able to identify you from this content or by visiting their site. Such content may also identify you even if you do not use social media. Please see social media provider’s terms of service or privacy policy to learn more about their practices.


Protection of the registry

Data is transferred via secure SSL connection. Data is protected against external use by usernames and passwords.


Automatic decision-making

We do not use automated decision-making process on our websites.


The right of inspection and the right to demand correction

Since Tommolansalmi does not collect and save any personal information that you can identify, we also do not store your personal information in a way that would require a review, rectification or deletion of data.


Inquiries about our company’s personal data registers

If you would like to know more about our Privacy Policy or inquire about personal information we collect, you can send your message to info [at]


Changing the privacy policy

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy as necessary. Changes to this Privacy Policy will take effect when they are published for example on our website. By using our website after the changes, you accept the changes we made.