Summer events in Tommolansalmi

We have several summer events coming in Tommolansalmi this summer.

We organize for example these events:

“Sleep night outdoors” event and 24-hour rowing challenge 17.6.2017

The Outdoor Association of Finland (Suomen Latu) challenges everybody to sleep night outdoors on Saturday, June 17. The purpose of the day is to enjoy the wildlife and everybody’s right to sleep outdoors. A person may sleep outdoors in a national park, at a campsite or even in the backyard.

We respond to the challenge by offering the opportunity to come and camp in the tent for free.

So take your friends or family and come and experience a free, unbridled night at Lake Korpijärvi!

On the same day, we will organize 24-hour rowing challenge in honor of the 100th anniversary of Finland. Our goal is row a boat together 100 km during 24 hours. You can participate in rowing for free.

The Midsummer party for the whole family on Friday 23.6.2017

Tommolansalmi’s traditional Midsummer’s family celebration begins at about 6pm. The midsummer bonfire lights up around 9 pm.

There is free admission to the event, and we will welcome our camping guests, all the residents in the holiday cottages and local people to our party !

Our restaurant is open on Midsummer Eve from 8am to 01.30am at night. You can buy local food, hot barbecues, pastries, refreshments and alcoholic beverages.

Our restaurant serves the whole midsummer weekend from early morning to late night.

Kids are entertained by Magician Alfrendo, who will have an hour-long magic and circus school for kids. Parents can participate together with their children in the magic school.

More information

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Our summer restaurant is open and we have new websites

Our summer restaurant is open again! We have also brand new websites!

We will continue to develop and expand our websites during the summer, but we would be happy to hear what you think about the site.

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