What would you like for breakfast today?

Finnish vegetables and berries? Fresh Finnish bread?

Delicious milk coffee and yogurt with muesli?

Our buffet breakfast is served every summer day - local food, Finnish products and fresh porridge are served.

Note! Due to the coronavirus epidemic, breakfast is served under exceptional arrangements, and instead of a buffet breakfast, breakfast is served at the tables. You can also take it with you.

In addition to the buffet, there are also various options for breakfast in the cooler cabinet of our restaurant.

Bread rolls filled with delicious Finnish vegetables, salmon sandwiches and fresh summer drinks fill your stomach and are full of the necessary vitamins and energy to help you endure a long day.

The content of our breakfast menu varies daily depending on product availability. Fresh pastries and salty treats are baked daily in our kitchen.

Milk-free, lactose-free and gluten-free options are also available. Ask the staff more about them!


Finnish porridge, muesli, cereal or omelet with domestic eggs of your choice

Finnish bread or house bread

Finnish cheese, cold cuts or seasonal filling (salmon, egg, etc., mainly Finnish)

Fresh Finnish vegetables, fruits, domestic berries or domestic berry soup

Finnish yogurt

Finnish milk, juice and water

Coffee or tea and a small sweet treat

Note! Due to the coronavirus epidemic, breakfast content may vary over the summer.


Breakfast for adults and children over 12 9,00

Breakfast for a child (3-12 years) 5,00

Ask the restaurant for the price of a smaller take-away breakfast!


Breakfast must be ordered in advance.

Reservations can be made either at the time of booking or at the on-site restaurant.

Agree with our staff the time you want to come for breakfast.

Breakfast can also be picked up either early in the morning or even the night before in the cottage fridge, or you can take it with you as a take-away portion.

Note! The restaurant opens every morning from 8 am to 9 am, when you can come to eat other picnic delicacies and homemade pastries sold in the restaurant without prior order.

Homemade pastries
Yogurt and homemade jam
Omelette, bread and fresh vegetables