Our family has been responsible for restaurant operations in Tommolansalmi since 1979. Our almost 40-year-old family business is now a joint venture of sisters Eeva and Merja; but the rest of our family is still helping us from time to time.


Responsibilities: customer service, happenings and events, restaurant menu, co-operation with other entrepreneurs in tourism, social media as well as many practical things like heating up the lakeside saunas and decorating the cottages

Interested in: food trends

Favourite food on the menu: stuffed sandwiches made from local ingredients

Hobbies: hiking in Mäntyharju, rowing in a church boat with Tommolansalmi's own rowing team



Responsibilities: cooking, administration and economy

Interested in: local food, high-quality Finnish ingredients

Favourite food on the menu: season's vegetables from Finland

Hobbies: skiing, picking up the berries from the local forests