Our restaurant

Restaurant Tommolansalmi offers home-cooked food, picnic delicacies and variety of picnic meals.

Our restaurant is located in the Tommolansalmi Holiday Centre on the highway 15, between Mikkeli and Kouvola, next to the scenic Lake Korpijärvi in Mäntyharju.

In addition to the campsite, we have year-round rental cottages and a wide range of rental activities. We also sell fishing licenses.

Welcome to the peaceful Lake Korpijärvi!

T: Eeva and Merja, owners and siblings

The history of our restaurant - from meat pies in the 1970's to the local food in the 2010's

Our roots are in the 1970s. In the 1970s, the municipality of Mäntyharju built a campsite in Tommola area. Our family bought the campsite in 1979. First, we had a small kiosk, where we served meat pies and snacks.

In the 1980s, our family built a new restaurant near the kiosk. We served homemade food at the restaurant and homemade pastries and homemade bread as well as traditional meat pies and grill food in the kiosk.

In the 1990s, we renovated our kiosk to a summer café with alcohol licence and in the 2010s we have expanded our menu - now we serve local food and homemade pastries made from fresh Finnish ingredients.

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Family business nearly 40 years

We have had food business in the Tommola area since 1979. Our parents Aaro and Raili Pulkka initially ran the kiosk and the restaurant, but they did get help from our entire family. Today we, Eeva Leskinen and Merja Perttola, daughters to Aaro and Raili, are responsible for operations.

Together we have expanded our campsite services and activities in the recent years. The campsite is now a small holiday centre with functional basic services and with a wide range of activities. Our restaurant is also constantly being modernized.

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Food philosophy

Good food is good for your heart and soul. Good food is made of pure local ingredients and eaten together with family and friends. Good food is homemade food eaten without hurry, enjoying every bite.

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Eco-friendly restaurant

We invest in local food and clean and high quality ingredients from Finland. We have also done many other small eco-friendly changes to make our restaurant more eco-friendly.

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Restaurant Tommolansalmi now and in the future

We want our restaurant to be known for its simple homemade food and for its peaceful and good mood. You are welcome to our restaurant as you are.

We follow closely food trends of our time and renew our menu every summer according to trends. The most important thing for us, however, is to offer good Finnish homemade food made from high-quality Finnish ingredients.

Lake view in Tommolansalmi