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We want every guest to enjoy at our restaurant. If you would like to comment on your stay or if you would like to make a wish, please send your message via the contact form below. We will appreciate your feedback!

You can also contact us by calling or by sending an e-mail.

Come and enjoy!


Restaurant / Ravintola Tommolansalmi

Lomakeskus Tommolansalmi Oy /
Tommolansalmi Holiday Centre

Kouvolantie 2216
52700 Mäntyharju

Mobile +358 400 754 835


We are open 25.5.-17.9.2017.

Mon-Thu 9-(20)
Fri-Sat 9-(21)
Sun 9-(20)

Our closing time is flexible and it depends on the weather and customer situation.

Send your greetings or wishes to us!